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This Keynote Bootcamp will short cut years off your learning curve or reinvigorate your speaking business. Your facilitators: Vince Poscente, Speaker Hall of Fame inductee, and Michelle Lemmons, founder of International Speakers Bureau, will deliver a powerful program for experienced speakers wanting to reach the big stage, earn substantial fees and market an 'in demand' message.

Keynote speakers get paid a lot of money, for a powerful hour on the platform - all because they can
captivate hundreds, if not thousands of people with entertaining stories and cutting edge, relevant content. If you have been speaking for a period of time and you want to take your business to the high-dollar keynote podium there are two ways you can approach it.

  1. Trial and Error. It takes most speakers years of stage time and mountains of research to determine what will work for them. You can starve or go broke trying to unravel the complexity of making it to the big stage as an opening or closing keynote speaker.
  2. The Keynote Bootcamp. You can take a shortcut and learn from the absolute best. You can spend valuable, one on one time with a bureau owner. Attendees have said this Keynote Bootcamp has shaved three years off their learning curve. Meeting planners are looking message that is unique, new, relevant and genuine. Everything from a powerful demo video to first class marketing materials are essential - but it all starts with a killer keynote.
Are These Issues Familiar?
  • not able to command high enough fees
  • not being booked as often as you would like
  • not getting repeat keynotes
  • not getting lots great emails afterwards
  • not getting amazing recommendations/testimonials
  • reached a plateau and don't seem to be able to progress
  • not having bureaus approach you
  • why you are not chosen as the keynoter - they always choose someone else
  • how to be seen as a keynoter and not just a workshop presenter or seminar presenter
  • why people don't even consider you for a keynote
  • how your presentation material stands out
  • how relevant your topic is
  • how bureaus perceive you
  • clients are not calling you
Attending Vince and Michelle's Keynote Bootcamp addresses these issues and reveal all the areas necessary to succeed in the world of reaching the main stage.

You will learn:
  • What UVP, Unique Value Proposition, will be "in demand" in today's marketplace.
  • How to create an unforgettable title, open and close.
  • To design content for your speech that is innovative and unique.
  • Techniques for spin-off referrals.
  • Insights from repeated video analysis for instant improvement.
  • The speaker bureau perspective on what is selling in today's market.
  • And you'll gain a first hand relationship with one of America's largest speaker bureaus.
Benefits of coming to the bootcamp:
  • only 10 people accepted
  • 20 years of bureau experience in Michelle - knowing what bureaus want, clients want, the most popular themes and types of speaker being looked for
  • 20 years of successful keynote speaker experience
  • how to enhance all aspects of your skills
  • the secrets of keynoters who 'nail it' every time
  • 10 top tips to be an 'in demand' keynote speaker on the circuit
Great keynote speakers have to be:
  • in demand because of their unique value proposition
  • really, really, really, really good at the 'craft' of speaking
  • exceptionally creative and learn how to take life and translate it into engaging stories and find different ways to touch people's hearts
  • consistently relevant and up to date
  • using great quality presentation materials
  • using both process and content
  • delivering a great brand and series of titles
Value from the Keynote Bootcamp is:
  • Dramatically shorten your learning curve. Our Target: Turn three years of trial and error into two and a half days.
  • Make the bootcamp an investment, not a course. Our target: 100x return on your investment.
  • The skinny on building your business by referrals. Our target: You get referrals immediately from each speech given.
  • Reveal insight on what planners are looking for today. Our Target: We define a brand that is unique to you.
  • Learn the key elements for driving business. Our Target: Give you a road map for marketing that drives leads.
Dates, Times and Location:
  • The Keynote Bootcamp will run from Friday to Sunday (exact dates TBA)
  • Friday, 9am to 5pm (You pitch your UVP to mock buyers then story dev't)
  • Saturday, 9am to 5pm (Speech coaching and video analysis.)
  • Sunday, 10am to 2pm (Refining your new open, keynote and close.)
  • Location - 7227 Fisher Road, Dallas, TX 75214
Your hosts:

   Michelle Lemmons
                Vince Poscente 

Want to see an example of the end result from all this valuable expertise? Check out Vince Poscente's preview video:

For more information: Contact Vince Poscente International 214.752.7400 or email info@vinceposcente.com
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